Season 8
Women and Death
Women and Death
Season 8 | Episode 817 | Aired 03/17/2012

The women of Wisteria Lane drop what they are doing the instant they hear the shot that gunned down Mike Delfino. They rush to a devastated Susan as she clutches her true love's lifeless body in her arms. A few days later, the entire neighborhood prepares to say goodbye to a husband, father and friend who will be missed more than words can say. At least, that's how Susan feels which is why she won't be speaking at the funeral. As for the other women, they recall how their good friend Mike influenced their lives.

Gaby thinks back to a time before she married Carlos. It was the day Mama Solis tried to get her future hubby to not spend a small fortune on her wedding dress. Gaby is thrilled when she overhears Carlos defending her. He promises to do whatever it takes to make her happy. Years later, Gaby recalls the time Mike clued her in as to how worried Carlos was while he was in rehab because he wasn't able to provide for her. That's why she encourages her husband to quit his job if that's what will make him truly happy.

Tom flies back to town the moment he gets the news about Mike. After Lynette breaks down in his arms, she reminisces about her first date with her future love. Tom remembered that she mentioned her affection for white picket fences. That's why he made sure there was one at the dream house he bought for his new wife on Wisteria Lane. Lynette also recalls Mike telling her to fight for her marriage before it's too late. It appears she may now be ready to do that.


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