Season 8
Women and Death
Women and Death
Season 8 | Episode 817 | Aired 03/17/2012

A homicide detective asks Bree to come down to the police station shortly before Mike's funeral services. While in the interrogation room, she recalls how her mother taught her all about "the mask." That's the face you wear when you don't want people to know how you're feeling. Bree wore it with Rex whenever he was being less than sensitive. She again puts on the mask as the detective questions her about Alejandro. The cops can't get a read on Bree, but they do lift her fingerprints off the coffee mug she used.

As Susan listens to the kind words the minister says about Mike, she thinks back to their wedding night. Her husband was never a big word guy, but he did give in to his wife's request for a poem. Mike said, "I love you once, I love you twice, I love you more than beans and rice." Hey, it's the best he could do. Susan also recalls how uncomfortable she felt when they made out their wills until Mike put her at ease.

Susan fondly remembers a trip to a diner where the subject of heaven came up in conversation. Mike explained to MJ precisely where this mystical place is. It's in the diner where they enjoy tasty cheeseburgers as a family. It's that place by the waterfall where they fish. It's watching football together while Mom brings them both snacks. Mike says, "If heaven is supposed to be the happiest place you can be, don't all those places sound like it to you?" The man had a point.


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