Season 8
Any Moment
Season 8 | Episode 818 | Aired 03/24/2012

Renee is more than ready for Ben to propose to her, so he kinda pops the question. The proposal is interrupted when the cops show up. They want to question Ben about a body that's been dug up at his construction site. Fear not, Renee is able to snag her engagement ring before her new fiancé heads down to the police station.

Ben is assured by the police that he's in the clear regarding the body. The man was killed long before he started construction. Renee tells Bree that the cops believe they found the corpse of a drifter. That's not true at all. They are simply trying to build a case against Bree. That case gets a little bit stronger once they tap into a call she makes to Ben in which she pretty much confesses to burying a body. Uh oh.

Lynette has decided to try to get Tom back. The only problem is that Jane watches him like a hawk. Lynette needs to get him alone. She conspires with Penny, who tricks Jane into taking her to a Taylor Swift concert. This allows Lynette the opportunity to trick Tom into a candlelit dinner. She pretended that the power was out.

Lynette and Tom reminisce about old times over dinner. These two had a lot good memories together. Things are going really well until Tom accidentally sets his shirt sleeve on fire by leaning too close to one of the candles. A panicked Lynette flips on the lights. This lets Tom know that she tricked him about the electricity being down. Needless to say, he's not happy.

Penny encourages her mom to not give up the fight. What neither of them knows is that it's a battle that Lynette may actually be winning. Tom turns down Jane's offer for sex later that night. He claims he has some work to do, but we're thinking that's probably not the real reason he's not in the mood.


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