Season 8
Any Moment
Season 8 | Episode 818 | Aired 03/24/2012

Julie is shocked to see her mom letting MJ eat whatever he wants and stay up all hours of the night playing video games. She believes her son is traumatized, but Julie thinks MJ is taking advantage of her. Things get worse when MJ throws a stapler at his teacher's head. Susan also has a somewhat destructive meltdown as she deals with the situation at the school.

The incident at the school snaps Susan back to reality. She has a heart-to-heart chat with MJ. They are both very angry about what happened to Mike. That's why they feel a little better once they start heaving condolence jars of jam at the garage wall. Then they break down in each other's arms. It's a heartbreaking scene.

Now that Carlos has resigned from his top-paying job, Gaby decides to enter the workforce so they can keep living comfortably. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of call for people with her limited job experience. This sends a depressed Gaby off to do the one thing that always lifts her spirits. Yes, she does some shopping. Actually, she does lots and lots of shopping.

After a reality check chat with Carlos, Gaby returns all of her new clothes. She's surprised when the store manager offers her a job. He was so amazed by her shopping skills that he wants her to guide other customers as to how to spend their money. Gaby takes the job moments after learning that employees get a 40% discount.


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