Season 8
With So Little to Be Sure Of
With So Little to Be Sure Of
Season 8 | Episode 819 | Aired 03/31/2012

DING DONG! Someone's at the door at Renee's bridal shower and it's not the stripper Gaby hired. It's the police arresting Bree for the murder of Gaby's evil stepfather. Bob bails her out, but she now needs a criminal defense attorney. The cops have her fingerprint on the dead guy's shirt. It seems Bree straightened his outfit before they ditched his body. Just because dead men tell no tales, it doesn't mean they can't look spiffy.

While going through Mike's things, Susan comes across a locked box that she's never seen before. Lee offers to check it out just in case it's something she may not want to see. Apparently, that's the case. After initially keeping the contents of the box from Susan, Lee finally shows her the goods. An old checkbook reveals that Mike has been sending money to a woman for the past eight years. The painted pictures inside seem to indicate that he hid the fact that he had a secret daughter.

Actually, Mike didn't have a secret daughter at all. He had a secret sister. Her name is Laura. The checks were to provide care for her at a group home for autistic people. Susan has no idea why he would keep this from her, but Julie does. Letters in his box reveal that his mom gave Laura away for all the wrong reasons. She asked Mike to keep this secret so his family wouldn't think of her as an awful person. This entire incident has Julie thinking she doesn't want to make a decision she'll later regret. That's why she's going to keep her baby. Woo hoo!


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