Season 8
With So Little to Be Sure Of
With So Little to Be Sure Of
Season 8 | Episode 819 | Aired 03/31/2012

Carlos isn't thrilled with all the flirting Gaby is doing with those rich, male shoppers. He gets really upset when one of his wife's clients crashes their dinner. Things get worse after Gaby tries to pass him off as her brother. This leads to a big brouhaha in the parking lot. Carlos feels emasculated and Gaby feels unappreciated. Things between these two are strained to say the least.

Bree meets with high-powered attorney Trip Weston (guest star Scott Bakula), who is more than impressed with the orange-glazed muffins she presents to him. He's not, however, impressed with the case. He calls it a snoozer. This Weston guy likes a challenge and this isn't it. He won't take the case, so Bree takes back her muffins.

Chuck's old partner, Detective Murphy, desperately wants to nail Bree for murder. He tracks down a map that Alejandro once possessed. Wisteria Lane is circled on it. Murphy writes Bree's address on the map to strengthen his case. This latest curveball has Bree truly concerned. It also has Trip Weston stepping up to be her lawyer. He says, "You may not have done this, but you sure as hell know who did." This is one very perceptive attorney.


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