Season 8
Lost My Power
Lost My Power
Season 8 | Episode 820 | Aired 04/28/2012

When Susan learns about a soapbox derby at school, she offers to help her son build a car. MJ is less than enthused with the project. Susan, however, is totally into it. She turns down Lynette's offer to have Tom help her out. This is the kind of thing Susan feels she needs to do on her own now that Mike's gone. She actually does a decent job building the thing. Too bad an oncoming truck crushes it moments after completion. SPLAT!

MJ pushed the car into the street on purpose. He's embarrassed to be the only one to show up at the race with a mom, not a dad. Susan gets this. That's why she swallows her pride to finally ask for a helping hand. Actually, she gets eight helping hands from four of her friends. Tom, Bob, Lee and Ben are waiting for MJ in the garage to make a new car for the soapbox derby. They're his own personal pit crew to help him design a vehicle that looks like a Corvette. That happens to have been his dad's favorite car.

Tom's boss, Gregg (guest star Reed Diamond), wants to know if Lynette would be interested in going out with him. He believes she's the exact kind of woman that most men are looking for out there. Lynette initially turns down Gregg's offer, but reconsiders after catching Tom kissing Jane in his office. The two of them have a decent time at dinner. Most of the conversation revolves around different ways to mess with Tom and Jane.


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