Season 8
Give Me the Blame; Finishing the Hat
Give Me the Blame; Finishing the Hat
Season 8 | Episode 822 | Aired 05/12/2012

Bree is livid when Tripp calls Gaby to testify. The truth about Alejandro finally comes out. Bree demands a recess, but doesn't get one. She fakes a fainting attack so that court will be adjourned for the day. Gaby tells Carlos that she's going to say she's the one who killed Alejandro. Karen overhears the whole conversation. Later, Carlos tells his wife that he's the one who will come clean. Gaby can't let that happen. That's why she plants a knife in his jacket. There's no way he's getting into that courtroom after setting off the metal detector.

Karen gathers up enough strength to make her way down to the courthouse. She convinces Tripp to let her testify to discredit Renee. Instead, Karen makes an eloquent speech about how the people she's lived beside for so many years are her family. And families protect each other. That's why she's the one who took a candlestick and killed the lowlife who had hurt her friend. In light of this new evidence, the prosecution has no choice but to drop all charges against Bree. Woo hoo!


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