Season 8
Give Me the Blame; Finishing the Hat
Give Me the Blame; Finishing the Hat
Season 8 | Episode 822 | Aired 05/12/2012

Penny lets her mom know that Jane has moved out. This is great news for Lynette, who is excited when Tom asks to stop by to discuss something important. She gets all gussied up for his big announcement, but is extremely disappointed when Tom tells her that he's filing the divorce papers so they can both move on. Lynette now believes that Jane was never the problem. She thinks Tom just doesn't want to be married to her.

While everyone is celebrating Bree's victory in court, Tom checks in on Karen. Roy lets him know that the trial appearance took a lot out of her. He also mentions how they recently had a talk about all the things they had put off saying for so long. His words hit home with Tom. That's why he lets Lynette know that she's always been the love of his life, but he knows that she's already in love with someone. He's right about that one. But what Tom didn't expect is to hear Lynette say that the person she's in love with is him. They share a long, loving passionate kiss smack-dab in the middle of Wisteria Lane. Finally!


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