Season 8 Episode 6 Witch's Lament

10/29/11 Season 8 TV-PG D, L

Susan's multiple attempts to get her perpetually angry art teacher to like her aren't working. Then again…maybe they are. The great Andre Zeller chooses Susan to be his intern. It a great honor. Well, not really. Andre only gives Susan the gig so she can babysit his son, Jasper, for the weekend while he works on a painting. The man has no soul.

When Susan learns that Jasper doesn't celebrate Halloween, she cons Andre into going trick-or-treating with them. Well, it's more of a blackmail scheme than a con. Susan hid her testy teacher's painting so he'd be forced to join them. Things don't go well. Andre just isn't a nice guy. Susan fesses up the location of his painting so he can go back to work. She'll take care of Jasper since Andre could care less about the boy.

Susan's little lecture to Andre actually sinks in. The guy promises to try to be a better dad. Andre explains that true artists are consumed by their work. It forces them to block out all other parts of their life, like friends and family. Susan says she would never let something like that happen to her. Andre reveals that she may not have a choice about that one.

Lynette is upset when she learns Tom's new lady friend, Jane, wants to make Penny a Halloween costume. Lynette puts the kibosh on that notion by saying she's already started making Penny's costume. She hasn't. She just doesn't want Jane doing it. The problem is that Lynette doesn't really want to do it either. So she pays a New York costume designer to overnight a cool cat outfit for her daughter. It's the purr-fect plan!

Penny's cat costume is incredible. And by that we mean it's incredibly inappropriate. Jane offers to put together a little skirt that will make the way-too-sexy-for-a-tween outfit a little more conservative. She's actually a pretty nice lady. In a different situation, Lynette and Jane could probably be friends. But that's never going to happen as long this woman is radar-locked on Tom.

Gaby convinces Carlos to attend an AA meeting. He meets a nice guy named Allen who says he's available to talk anytime. Somehow we don't think Carlos will be giving him a call since he tosses away his number on the way out the door. That's too bad because Carlos later thinks he sees the ghost of Gaby's dead stepdad in the form of a trick-or-treater. This sends him scrambling for the bottle of booze he has hidden in his briefcase.

Renee prepares for her first big date with Ben by picking up some "Woman Love Fluid" in Chinatown. Things get pretty hot and heavy until Renee starts feeling a little funky. She's having a super harsh reaction that love drug. Renee's face gets so bloated that she scares away all the trick-or-treaters. She's a truly frightening sight! After a quick trip to the hospital, Ben assures Renee that she doesn't need love drugs. He likes her just fine naturally.

Bree tries to convince Ben to bag his real estate development project by saying there's some strenuous opposition out there. That's not gonna happen. Ben already had to scrap a project after some endangered yellow-spotted frogs were found at another location. This newsflash sense Bree and Gaby on a desperate amphibian search so they can plant a few of the slimy little fellows at the new site. The great frog hunt is a total disaster.

Bree realizes their only option is to dig up the body before the developers get there. She, Gaby and Lynette head out into the woods armed with shovels. They split up when someone with a flashlight nearly catches sight of them. When the ladies finally meet up at the spot where they buried Alejandro, they realize they probably could have left the shovels at home. It seems that dead body they buried in the woods has already been dug up by someone else. This hasn't been a very happy Halloween.

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