Season 8 Episode 7 Always in Control

11/05/11 Season 8 TV-PG D, L

Three of our favorite Wisteria Lane ladies are wondering who could have possibly dug up that dead body they buried in the woods. The answer is obvious. It must have been Susan! Bree is just about to confront her friend about this when she learns Ben has shut down the construction project. Whew!

Bree beelines over to Ben's site. She learns that his team found a body, but he's yet to call the police. He'll lose a lot of money if his property becomes a crime scene. Bree wonders if he's tempted to make the body just disappear. She even offers a few helpful suggestions on how to do it. She's such a good neighbor.

Bree scurries off to the woods where Ben catches her kneeling by the open grave. She fesses up about the body in the hopes that Ben will make everything go away. That's not gonna happen. Things go from bad to worse for Bree when Detective Chuck Vance comes by to question her about his latest missing persons case.

Chuck is doing his best to intimidate Bree until Ben steps in to tell the nasty detective to take a hike. He also tells Bree that she doesn't have to worry about the body. He'll take care of it. Actually, he'll be asking Mike to take care of it for him. More on that later.

Gaby wants to find some new guardians for the girls just in case she and Carlos ever go to prison for killing her evil stepfather. All of her accessory-to-murder friends are out as options, so Bob and Lee are next up in the batting order. Unfortunately, they don't really want the gig because, well, Juanita and Celia are monsters.

Gaby assures Bob and Lee that her girls were just going through a phase. She'll prove it over dinner. Gaby has nine hours to teach her girls how to be gracious, courteous and well-mannered. She bribes them with cash and candy to make sure all goes well. Bob and Lee are convinced that Juanita and Celia have been transformed into two little angels. It doesn't last once the guys see the words "Gays R Stupid" painted on the garage door.

Gaby learns the reason behind the new artwork on her garage. Juanita is worried that her dad is dying. She says everyone has been acting different lately. Everyone seems sad. Gaby assures her that they were only looking at guardians just in case something happens. She promises her daughter that everything will be okay. Though judging by the look on Gaby's face, we're not so sure she believes that.

Lynette goes on the offensive when she starts feeling like Jane is stealing Penny away from her. She lays a major guilt trip on her daughter so she'll want to stay far, far away from her dad's new girlfriend. Tom isn't sure what's going on, but he invites Penny meet him at the park for a little one-on-one time. She never shows. Lynette realizes she's gone too far. She convinces Penny to go play ball with her dad. After her daughter leaves, Lynette can't help but bust out crying.

All of Susan's portraits are mocked by Andre during his portfolio review. Her technique is fine, but she never surprises him. Nevertheless, she's still getting an A-plus in his class. Susan's grade is a lie, but she's also been lying by hiding what's inside of her. Speaking of hiding things, Susan is finally told about the extracurricular activities her friends have been up to lately. And Gaby spills the beans about the note Bree got in her mailbox.

Now that all the ladies are all up to speed, they seem to be drifting further apart. Lynette's totally ticked and Susan lets loose to angrily paint a portrait. Andre is impressed at this magnificent piece of art that features four women standing over an open grave in the woods. Of course, the body that served as the inspiration for her work is no longer there. Mike buries it in a spot where concrete is laid the next day. Think he called Paul Young for some tips?

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