Season 8 Episode 15 She Needs Me

03/03/12 Season 8 TV-PG D, L

Porter gets a decent-paying job at a restaurant with health benefits for him and the baby. The only problem is that he needs someone to watch the kid while he's at work. Lynette assures him that the full-time babysitter he seeks will not be her. That's too bad because Porter was thinking of naming his little girl Lynette. When Susan gets wind of what's going on, she offers to be his daycare provider and suggests Sophie for a baby name.

Lynette reluctantly lets Porter have the bassinet she used for all five of her kids. She also gets a surprise when Tom says he'll take the kids for an entire week. It's his way of giving her a break for all the times she flew solo while he was away on business. As far as the Porter situation, Lynette thinks Susan is trying to steal her grandchild away. That's why she swipes back the bassinet.

Tom has a talk with Susan while Mike chats with Lynette. The men try to explain the reasons why the ladies in their lives do what they do. Susan is acting the way she is because she's planning for this baby without Julie. As for Lynette, she's the type of person who needs to be needed. That's why she works together with Susan to fix up the new nursery just right.

The loan shark who gave Ben money returns to visit Renee. The fact that the debt has been paid-in-full doesn't seem to matter. This slimy character wants more cash, but Renee refuses to be intimidated. Mike notices a light on at Renee's house while she's at the hospital with Ben. He finds the loan shark inside trashing the place. A brawl between the two men ends when Mike tosses the slimeball into the street. But we're pretty sure this scary hoodlum will be back.

After Karen nearly passes out, Gaby learns that her cancer has returned. That's why she doesn't want to patch things up with Roy. She wants to spare him from the pain that's ahead. Karen makes Gaby promise to keep her secret. That's a promise she can't keep once she hears how grateful Roy was for having the opportunity to have been there for his first wife when she was sick. Now he's going to do the same for Karen whether she wants him to or not. Of course, she does still want Roy by her side in good times and in bad.

Gaby decorates the house with tons of balloons and loads of streamers to welcome Carlos home. The situation with Karen has her not wanting to take him for granted anymore. Gaby is afraid that she wouldn't be able to make it if her hubby died before her. Carlos assures her that she would be just fine. After all, she's the bravest person he knows. She's his rock.

Orson continues with his plan to lure Bree away from Wisteria Lane forever. He tells lots of lies about her friends. Bree falls for every word. She insists on stopping at Orson's place before they hit the road to pick up a sentimental hat. This has her travel companion squirming in the passenger's seat since his place is filled with evidence that he's been secretly stalking her.

Orson tricks Bree into heading down to his apartment manager's office to get the spare key. It buys him enough time to ditch all the photos he had on display. Well, almost all of them. Bree catches sight of a snapshot taken the night they ditched Alejandro's body. She now knows that Orson is the one who was sending the notes. He's also the mystery driver who ran down Chuck.

Orson says that everything he did was for Bree, who thinks he's insane. She never wants to see him again. A short time later, Bree receives a phone call from Orson. He claims that it'll be the last she hears from him. Orson leads her to believe that he may be considering suicide. That's not it at all. No, Orson knows a future with Bree is gone. That's why he's mailing an envelope to the Homicide Division of the Fairview Police Department. Whatever's inside is more than likely bad news for our favorite housewives.

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