Season 8 Episode 16 You Take for Granted

03/10/12 Season 8 TV-PG D, L

"In just a few days, one of these people will be dead." These are the ominous words of Mary Alice Young as we catch glimpses of some old friends on Wisteria Lane. Who is Mary Alice talking about? Let's find out.

Bree has been at a distance from her closet friends for awhile now. Those days are over, as Susan, Lynette and Gaby welcome her back with open arms. Bree brings them up to speed on the Orson situation. The ladies are shocked, but relieved to know that they are now in the clear regarding Alejandro's death. They have no idea that Orson mailed some info to the Fairview Police Department. The homicide cops who receive the package think this is more than enough to launch an investigation.

Karen doesn't want to suffer as her cancer worsens, so she asks Bree to help her die with dignity. When her neighbor keeps avoiding the euthanasia issue, Karen takes matters into her own hands. She bakes a suicide pie. It's delicious, as Bree finds out after wolfing down two tasty slices. Thankfully, the ensuing ride to the ER gives Karen a chance to reconsider her early death wish. Bree leaves her and Roy kissing in the street as she drives herself to the hospital to deal with an overdose of some killer pie.

Tom asks Lynette if he could bring Jane to Penny's big birthday bash. Things get pretty awkward come picture time. Jane brought her niece along to snap some shots for a keepsake album. Of course, any photos of her and Penny also feature Lynette inserting herself in the background. This leads to a confrontation where Jane reveals that Tom asked her to move in with him. Lynette looks like she's been punched in the gut.

Lynette tells Tom that their separation was supposed to be a trial to see if they were happy apart. She's crushed to learn that he is. Jane stops by to apologize for spilling the news about the move-in. The conversation ends abruptly when she starts to choke on a cheese puff. Lynette gives her the Heimlich maneuver, though not right away. We're not saying she wanted Jane choke to death, but we are saying she may have thought about it.

The time Carlos spent in rehab has him thinking about the things that are important in life. He not thrilled to be heading back to work. Gaby advises him to shake things up at the office. So, Carlos starts giving away money to the families who have been hurt by some have his past business. Gaby puts a stop to this for fear of how it will impair her own family.

Carlos admits that he wants to do something more meaningful with his life. He's considering leaving his current job to become a counselor. As you can imagine, Gaby isn't thrilled with this newsflash. Their argument is put on hold once they realize Juanita has crawled onto a roof ledge while looking for her new cat. After a few harrowing moments, Carlos pulls her inside to safety. This scary incident has made Carlos even more adamant about making some altruistic changes.

Susan is understandably upset when she learns her hubby is packing a gun in his pocket. Mike spills the details about the situation with the loan shark. The police will have a patrol car swing by their place, but there's really nothing they can do. Susan is furious that Mike has put their family in danger. But thanks to Renee, she soon realizes that Mike's only crime was trying to help some friends who were in trouble.

Susan takes a seat beside Mike on the front porch to reveal the reason she first fell for him. It's because he doesn't get scared. He always takes care of people. Mike recalls how helpless he felt when his dad used to beat his mom when he was a kid. That's why, as a man, he can't ever walk away from someone in trouble. He does get scared of one thing though. He's afraid that he's never made it clear how much he loves Susan. She assures him that's never been the case. Ever.

A black car makes its way down the lane. The vengeful loan shark is inside. Mike pushes Susan into the house once he sees the gun in his hand. BANG! Time slows down as we see a montage of memorable moments from Mike and Susan's life together. The memories end when the bullet reaches its target.

Mike his struck in the chest. He slumps to the ground. A panicked Susan does her best to stop the intense bleeding. Her anguished screams echo through the neighborhood. We're left with the unsettling, heartbreaking image of Susan wrapping her arms around Mike Delfino's lifeless body.

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