Season 8 Episode 21 The People Will Hear

05/05/12 Season 8 TV-PG D, L

In addition to being nervous about her upcoming murder trial, Bree is smitten with her defense attorney. Speaking of Tripp, he preps his client's closest friends for their testimonies. He's a little curious when Gaby accidentally refers to the dead guy as Alejandro. As for Bree, she's curious as to why Tripp is riding around town with a gorgeous blonde in a flashy sports car.

Bree confronts the blonde beauty at the courthouse. Her name is Lindsay. She's a private investigator who is helping Tripp on the case. Actually, she "was" helping until the client insinuates she's a hooker. Bree apologizes for her behavior. Lindsay gets it. She's worked with Tripp long enough to know that his female clients always fall for him even though he's always all about the case. Bree hopes she's the exception to this rule.

Julie is angry with Porter when he's late for the baby-birthing class. She's having doubts about his ability to be a good father. Susan tries to ease her worries by recalling how much Mike stepped up when MJ was born. She has so many memories of him in her house. Susan has a heart-to-heart chat with Porter. The guy is trying hard, but he realizes that he may be destined to disappoint Julie. That's why Susan offers to move in with her daughter to help her raise the baby while she goes to school. That means she'll be leaving Wisteria Lane.

The Scavo kids are taking the news of their dad working in India for a year really hard. Tom is, too. He realizes that he's never been away from Lynette for so long. He's really going to miss her. Lynette is thrilled to hear this so she gets Tom's boss to put the kibosh on the India trip. However, Gregg isn't happy when he realizes Lynette is hung up on another guy. He starts badmouthing her back in the office. It gets so bad that Tom ends up decking the boss-man. It was a valiant gesture, but it also cost him his job.

Jane wants to know what possible reason Tom could have had for punching his boss. She realizes it was about Lynette. She knows that he still loves her. Tom tries to explain, but Jane doesn't want to hear any of it as she walks out the door. Tom then heads over to Lynette's place. She's not alone. Lee is there helping her get out of the hideous purple bridesmaid dress that Renee picked out. It's a perfectly innocent scene, but that's not how it looks to Tom as he sees a man undressing his wife.

Gaby seems to be taking Bree's trial a little too lightly. Lynette and Susan, on the other hand, are having trouble sleeping due to worry. The three ladies meet up during a late night walk down Wisteria Lane. Susan and Lynette consider coming clean. Gaby, however, wants to stick to the plan. As for Bree, she's not sleeping either. That's why she's happy when Tripp stops by with donuts and a movie to help her relax. They watch Casablanca, in case you were wondering. As for the donuts, they looked to have a glazed nutty topping. Nice.

The prosecution paints an unflattering picture of Bree as the trial begins. It's nothing compared to what's going on in the court of public opinion. Gaby overhears two ladies gossiping about Bree at the supermarket. She tries to defend her friend, but it's a futile effort. People have already made up their minds about Bree. Gaby further realizes how bad the situation is after an incident at home with her kids.

Bree's friends testify on her behalf, but it's her own testimony that may trip her up. The prosecution produces Bree's suicide note. It was written the same night Chuck was killed. The note speaks of remorse and guilt. Tripp lets Bree know that he did some digging to discover that the murder victim is Gaby's stepfather. He believes it's time to tell the truth even if it means betraying a friend. Gaby shows up at the courthouse to sincerely thank Bree for what she's doing. The two women hug, each of them unsure of how all this will play out in what's sure to be an amazing, unpredictable, can't-wait-to-see-it Series Finale!

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