• Anything You Can Do
    Season 1 | Episode 107 | Aired 11/20/2005
    Susan is miffed when Mike's unexpected - and very sexy - houseguest forces him to postpone their first "date" and Bree's kids mutiny when they learn their dad has moved out. Full Episode Details »
  • Guilty
    Season 1 | Episode 108 | Aired 11/27/2004
    In the aftermath of tragedy, the residents of Wisteria Lane take stock of their lives. Meanwhile, Lynette reaches the breaking point in her addiction to the twins' ADD medication. Full Episode Details »
  • Suspicious Minds
    Season 1 | Episode 109 | Aired 12/11/2004
    Looking to give her life a purpose, Gabrielle organizes a glamorous fashion show for charity highlighting the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Full Episode Details »
  • Come Back to Me
    Season 1 | Episode 110 | Aired 12/18/2004
    Uber mom Maisy Gibbons returns, and her secret life intersects with Bree's. Full Episode Details »
  • Move On
    Season 1 | Episode 111 | Aired 01/08/2005
    Edie organizes a neighborhood search for the missing Mrs. Huber, and Gabrielle sinks to new depths - she gets a job. Full Episode Details »
  • Every Day A Little Death
    Season 1 | Episode 112 | Aired 01/15/2005
    The residents of Wisteria Lane finally learn Martha Huber's fate, and the truth has unexpected consequences for Susan. Full Episode Details »