Season 3
Hassall Family
Hassall Family
Season 3 | Episode 323 | Aired 04/15/2006

Michelle and Brian Hassall of Berry, KY, two deserving community leaders who've faced adversity in the past few years, have gotten the remarkable news that they will receive a beautiful and renovated home in seven days courtesy of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The Hassalls are loved in their community: Michelle, a violinist, teaches choir at the local high school and was recognized as Teacher of the Year. Brian, a 17-year veteran of the police force, was just named Police Officer of the Year. Despite being shot in the line of duty, he continues to do the job he loves and keeps the community safe at night. However the Hassall house is literally keeping this loving family apart!

Brian works the night shift because he suffers from migraines triggered by daylight. The only place he can sleep is in their damp, dark, windowless basement. Michelle, battling a blood disorder and now lymphoma cancer, can't be in the basement for any length of time because of the dampness, mold and mildew caused by the home's many plumbing problems. Her fragile immune system can't handle any further sickness.

Michelle and Brian also have two adopted children, Alex (6), a beautiful African American girl and Sam (3), a special needs child from China born with a cleft palate. They were one happy family until Michelle was diagnosed just nine months later with lymphoma.

Unfortunately, every time they try to remodel their home to fit the needs of their special family, something terrible happens - whether it's Brian getting shot, Michelle going through chemotherapy or little Sam needing another operation for his birth defect. With their medical and mortgage bills, the Hassalls have been unable to improve their home. All they want is to be able to cherish each day together and spend more time together. In this episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, this unique family, comprised of four unique people, will finally feel like one family under one roof!

While Ty and the gang, along with the hundreds of workers and volunteers and Coalition of Builders led by Sosbe Construction of Kentucky and John Henry Homes of Ohio, build a house to fit this diverse family in KY, the Hassalls will go on vacation to Walt Disney World.


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