Season 5
Boettcher Family
Boettcher Family
Season 5 | Episode 519 | Aired 03/15/2008
Steve Boettcher is not your average minister -- he spreads the word with his motorcycle. While riding with friends and meeting many different characters and fellow bikers along the way, he saw that they responded to his preaching when it came from "one of their own." So Steve left the confines of a traditional church behind to start "Soul'd Out Ministries," which organizes charity rides for Multiple Sclerosis, holiday toy drives, etc., and focuses on riders on both sides of the law (cops, probation officers and riding clubs such as the Hell's Angels).

While Steve works as a garage door installer by day, his wife, Mary, works as a prevention strategist for a non-profit organization that goes into schools to teach kids the dangers of drugs and alcohol. In her work she saw that teenagers in their community were averaging three deaths a year to alcohol and suicide, and with teens of their own, Steve and Mary decided to take matters into their own hands. The Boettchers have turned their two-car garage into a community center where teens can go for help and to stay out of trouble. The center has grown into a safe haven for kids where they can play pool, ping-pong and pray. Once a week, the Boettchers feed anywhere from 25 to 40 kids looking for a hot meal. This effort, funded 100% by Steve and Mary, has resulted in many success stories. Kids who were previously failing in school have now gone off to college; teenagers who were dabbling in drugs are now clean and sober; and kids from all backgrounds now hang out at "Pastor Steve's," as the clique lines have blurred and tolerance has grown. Steve and Mary also help their daughter, Stephanie, and her son, Joshua, who was born with a series of medical problems that require the use of a treach and oxygen. Joshua is due to have surgery soon and they are hoping that he will then be able to come off the treach and oxygen.

Now it's time for Ty and his crew to sing praise to Pastor Steve and Mary, who have turned their neighborhood around with all of their generosity and good deeds, by providing them with a beautiful new home they truly deserve.

While Ty and the designers, local builder West Haven Development Group and the hundreds of volunteers and workers are rebuilding their home, the Boettcher family will go on vacation to the Hilton Wikaloa in Hawaii.

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