Season 5
Silva Family
Silva Family
Season 5 | Episode 523 | Aired 05/03/2008

Six years ago Ken and Doreen Silva became foster parents for the first time, beginning of a long and rewarding journey. Within a few years they'd opened their home to over a dozen children, some with special needs and disorders, and adopted three boys themselves. They still continue to foster others, and have made it their mission to try to find a home for every child without one in the Rhode Island foster care system.

Through foster care speaking engagements and public advocacy, they've inspired many families in their community to champion their cause and to become foster parents too. The Silva family have also become advocates of open adoption. Their one source of income, from Ken's job as a garbage truck driver, has gone almost entirely towards raising the children.

Recently the Silvas were shocked to learn that their children had tested positive for having high levels of lead in their systems. Upon investigation, they discovered that there were dangerous levels of lead throughout the home and the backyard. With their limited resources, they tried to fix the areas of concern, but the cosmetic improvements they made don't begin to solve the problem, and now the Health Department has informed them that they may take their foster children out of the home if the Silvas don't remedy the situation. Though advocates of providing children a safe home, ironically the Silvas can't do so for their own children. Now it's up to Ty and the gang to keep this family together and help make their home safe from the dangers of lead.

While Ty and the designers, local builder Oldport Homes, and hundreds of volunteers and workers are rebuilding their home, the Silva family will go on vacation to Disney World


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