Season 6
DeVries Family
DeVries Family
Season 6 | Episode 610 | Aired 12/06/2008

We all know that home is where the heart is. Unfortunately, this loving family’s health is being endangered by the house they live in.

This week it’s off to Ablert Lea, Michigan, for Ty and the EM:HE designers. It’s here that we meet Susan DeVries, who suffers from Ventricular Tachycardia—a disease that keeps her heart constantly moving at above 100 beats per minute. The life-threatening arrhythmia, we learn, could take her life at any second.

But despite feeling fatigued, none of this stops Susan from shining as a loving music teacher, band director, first grade reading specialist and bus driver for her school’s evening route. We can’t help but be moved by her unwavering spirit.

Meanwhile, we discover that Susan’s husband Dirk, a mechanic, suffers from severe arthritis in his only hand. This greatly limits his ability to make repairs on their house, which is literally falling apart at the seams. The roof is beyond repair, constantly leaking whenever it rains. Severe water damage and rotting wood are separating the unfinished walls from the ceilings.

It becomes obvious to us that the DeVries have worked to improve the lives of others, so that’s why Ty and his designers step in to give this selfless family a safer home that will improve their own quality of life.


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