Season 6
Ruiz Family
Ruiz Family
Season 6 | Episode 618 | Aired 03/14/2009

A heroic family reaches across the border to give to others—while letting their own house sit unfinished. 

Twelve years ago Maria Ruiz and her family of El Paso, Texas, committed themselves to feeding the poor across the border in Juarez, Mexico and helping their local community. 

It’s inspirational for us to hear that Maria, and her husband Jesus, travel across the border every day, bringing food, clothing and supplies to thousands. Between them, the two work multiple jobs in order to do this work—and in fact, Maria was recently named one of the “Top Ten CNN Heroes of 2008” for all of her foundation work.

We come to see that there has been a trade-off for all of this dedicated work to others—the Ruiz family home sits unfinished.  The construction that began over 12 years ago was stopped dead for the charitable work—as all resources and family efforts have been directed to helping others instead.  As a result, we’re shocked to see the house tilting in on itself, the exposed plywood floors, cracks in floors and walls, and to top it all off... the house lacks heat. 

Additionally, the food bank work has taken over the house—but the living room is overflowing due to lack of storage, and the kitchen itself is woefully inadequate.

Due to the Ruiz family’s spirit, thousands of starving people have been able to eat.  Now it’s up to Ty, the designers, and hundreds of blue-shirted volunteers to help give back to them.  Tony Little, “America’s Personal Trainer” also stops in to help lend a hand to this project.

We cheer heartily as we see the finally finished home, complete with adequate resources and a truck to help the Ruizes continue to carry out all their work.  


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