Season 6
Jordan Family
Jordan Family
Season 6 | Episode 621 | Aired 02/07/2009

The loss of not one, but two children. A family turns around this tragedy— making their home a safe haven for others. There’s truly something to learn from in this story.

This week finds us watching Ty and the crew in Montgomery, AL, helping the Jordans, a family that has taken an intense family tragedy and turned it on its head—by committing their lives to their community.

Parents Monica and Brady Jordan suffered not just the devastating loss of one child, but a second one as well: Their daughter was shot and killed by her boyfriend, and more recently, their son was killed by a drunk driver.

As we watch in horror, we just can’t begin to conceive the pain these catastrophic events have caused. However, the Jordans absolutely amaze us in how they now give back to family and to community.

They are raising their three grandchildren, and also have made their home a safe place to hang out for over 100 youngsters. Additionally, both Monica and Brady are strong advocates for M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), holding meetings in their home. Monica has also worked for her state’s Crime Victims Commission. This passion for care and concern has carried to their daughter, a college student, who volunteers at a rape crisis center and aspires to be a pediatrician.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to the continuing good works of the Jordan family is the state of their house. You might be shocked to see their kitchen, complete with rotting counters, which has been used to cook thousands of meals for the teens who stop by. 

Ty and the designers realize that it is now time for the Jordans to get something back for all that they give—so we’re happy to see both M.A.D.D. and the Alabama Police Dept. join in with the EM:HE crew to help the family.  We indeed feel warm from the inside out after watching this truly inspiring episode.


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