Season 6
Cerda Family
Cerda Family
Season 6 | Episode 624 | Aired 05/09/2009

A loving family finds joy in cheering up sick children—including their own—and providing relief for those who’ve been struck by disaster. But their house is literally swimming in major water damage. Can EM:HE throw them a life raft?

Ty and the crew continue traveling the country to honor everyday heroes, and this time they land in Las Vegas, NV to meet the Cerda family. The Cerda’s scenario is an extraordinary one: their two daughters suffer from such a severe immune deficiency that their house itself is a life-threatening danger.

Molly and Maggie Cerda were each diagnosed with Combined Immune Deficient Disease (CIDD) when they were just three years old. This disease is so intense that even a simple cold can be a disaster.  We can’t even begin to imagine what it’d be like to have to stay inside to avoid germs at all costs, and often even wear masks in our own homes!

Both of their parents are strong community supporters—their father Chuck works for Homeland Security, while Terri, their mother, has worked all her life in global relief—organizing search and rescue dog services for worldwide disaster. Additionally, you discover that Terri has founded “Artful Hearts,” a group which helps improve the lives of sick children by painting murals in clinics and hospitals, trying to bring cheer to those undergoing treatments.  We’re surprised to find that Terri has also found the time to be a patient advocate for the Immune Deficiency Foundation, and has met with senators to influence laws governing medications.

This family has given so much to their community, and yet struggled with their own home.  We see the details of how their house was unknowingly in poor condition when they first bought it, and through a series of floods, severe water damage set in.  We find it heartbreaking to hear that structural engineers had advised them to gut the house and rebuild—thankfully Ty and the designers have arrived to give a lending hand!  

In the end, although we found ourselves in tears once again watching this episode, we were moved by this inspirational family and this special home they can start their new lives in.


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