Season 6
McFarland Family
McFarland Family
Season 6 | Episode 625 | Aired 05/16/2009

Through the power of books, one man aims to spark the imagination of the local kids in his community. But we discover that he and his own boys are residing in appalling conditions.

Our special two-part season finale takes us to Indianapolis, Indiana, where we meet another everyday hero, Bernard McFarland, whose deteriorating house will be rebuilt from the ground up—with help from Ty and the gang, and a strong cast of blue-shirted volunteers.

We learn that starting when he was young, librarian Bernard learned the power of books and the weight of words. Although he grew up poor and overcame obstacles that we can’t begin to imagine, he graduated from college, joined the military and later returned home to his three sons.

Back in Indianapolis, Bernard was determined not to accept the troubled community around him. His mission: to reduce both the rising violence in the neighborhood and the number of kids dropping out of school. We discover that he founded Pack House 2000, a program dedicated to expanding dreams of youngsters by forming reading groups and organizing field trips to libraries, museums and cultural events throughout the city. All of this, we learn, he managed to make happen with very limited resources.

We see throughout the episode that Bernard is an important part of his community, but has been unable to take care of his own home. We shudder at seeing the holes throughout the ceilings, walls and floors, the water damage in the sub-flooring, and the rusting pipes, corroded wiring and crumbling drywall. And our hearts can’t help but to go out to his three boys, who all share one room.

We don’t know about you, but our spirits sure soar as we watch designer Paul DiMeo shoot hoops with the Indiana Pacers, who make a special donation, and as we see this special house come together for an inspiring father who has helped so many realize their own dreams.


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