Season 7
Beach Family
Beach Family
Season 7 | Episode 719 | Aired 04/03/2010
"GOOD MORNING, BEACH FAMILY!" That greeting never gets old. All 15 family members file out of the trailer when they hear Ty's call. Larry and Melissa walk Ty through their old home. It serves only as a cooking area since their youngest, Mercy, has a medical condition giving her very sensitive lungs. One of the older kids, Jose, talks about his close encounter with a snake in the bathroom. Larry breaks down a bit when he tells us that he feels like he let everyone down by having his family live in the trailer. Hey, we know Larry isn't letting anyone down. He just needs a little help. And he's gonna get it.

This week's celebrity volunteer is the beautiful Jessica Alba. She feels it's her duty to give a voice to someone who doesn't have one or lift someone else who is down. Jessica gets to work immediately on the backyard and also helps out with some construction in the house. She seems to take a "liking" towards Paul but can't use the word crush because her husband would be angry. Their playfulness is fun to watch.

While on vacation, the Beach kids are instructed to create their own song dedicated to their parents. At first, we thought the tune would be somehow be integrated with the makeover. But then we learn the children will perform the song at their parents' wedding. You heard us. Larry and Melissa are getting married!

Ty instructs Larry to get down on one knee and open a box he gave him before their trip. There's a beautiful ring inside. Larry asks Melissa to marry him one more time. Before, they were young and couldn't afford a dream wedding. That's okay. They made dreams come true for their foster children. Complete with Melissa's father who wasn't present the first time she tied the knot, this definitely qualifies as a dream wedding.

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