Season 7
Skaggs Family
Skaggs Family
Season 7 | Episode 722 | Aired 03/13/2010
Brian and Audra Skaggs have two beautiful children. Their youngest child, Jhett, suffered multiple cardiac arrests before receiving a heart transplant when he was just 10 months old. Two years later, Jhett is just like any other toddler, though he must take special medication and make regular doctor visits.

Jhett's weakened immune system is at high risk inside the family home. Brian and Audra were forced pay medical bills in lieu of making home repairs. Ty immediately notices the home's foundation is not level. He also scopes out some black mold on the wall, which is very toxic. Brian and Audra need a little help from the Extreme Team. Not a problem.

As the Skaggs take their first family vacation at Disney World, Ty gives them a call to ask for approval to start demolishing the house. Unfortunately, Jillian doesn't wait for her cue. Windows shatter while Ty was still on the phone with the family. Oops! Jillian points out that a few of the windows she shattered had more personality than some of the men she's dated.

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