Season 8
Hurston Family
Hurston Family
Season 8 | Episode 816 | Aired 02/12/2011

When the Hurston family returns, Paige shows them their completely refurbished plane. Ford funded a few upgrades including a brand new paint job, a state-of-the-art navigation system and additional fuel tanks in the wings. The plane was towed onto the tarmac by the family's brand new Ford Explorer. The new car and plane are great, but now it's time to see the new house. So...MOVE THAT BUS!

Here's a breakdown of the new home:
• The stunning new exterior looks like a home you'd find in a tropical paradise. The front railing gives the house a bit of a resort feel on the outside.
• The interior is most spacious. It has to be because there's a plane inside. It's first class all the way!
• There's a total tiki feel in the backyard with a pond, outdoor fireplace and a wind turbine.
• The solar-powered chicken coop is nicer than the old family home.
• Eduardo creates a beach room for Peter. There are musical instruments spread all around, but Peter heads straight for the drums. We're sure his parents are going to love all his jam sessions.
• Juliet wants to be a reporter, so Paige posts blogs her dad has written over the years onto her wall for inspiration in her journalism room.
• Dieunika is in Wonderland as she spins in her new teacup. She's have a great time. Ty, on the other hand, can't wait for the ride to be over.
• Ty went to town on the peaceful, dream-like master bedroom. There's a faucet that's constantly provided a drop in the bucket below as a reminder of the good work the family does.

The family celebrates their new home with an outdoor party featuring all their friends at Air Mobile Ministries. Eduardo says that Bank of America is providing them with a grant worth over $100,000 and consulting services to help Air Mobile grow even more. Welcome home, Hurston family. Welcome home.


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