Season 8
Zeigler-Hansen Family
Zeigler-Hansen Family
Season 8 | Episode 817 | Aired 02/19/2011

In 2009, a gunman opened fire at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. 13 people were killed and many others were wounded. One of the soldiers caught in the crossfire was Staff Sergeant Patrick Zeigler. His injuries were substantial including a gunshot wound to the head. Odds were he wasn't going to make it. But Patrick didn't know that. He still had something to live for. She happens to be the love of his life, Jessica Hansen.

Ty and the Extreme Team surprise Patrick and Jessica in the most military of ways by popping out of some massive tanks. There are cheers from his unit and tears from the Extreme Team when they see the memorials paying tribute to Fort Hood's fallen. As for Patrick and Jessica's home, they are currently in temporary housing. They need something more permanent especially since they're getting married. That won't be a problem.

Patrick and Jessica are headed to Vegas as the team gets to work on their brand new home. Dan Wallrath, the head of a program called Operation Finally Home, says his organization is donating the land for the new place. Before they break ground, the American flag is raised to salutes and cheers from all those surrounding it.


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