Season 9
Dunning Family
Dunning Family
Season 9 | Episode 909 | Aired 11/17/2011

Ty and the team head to Lewes, Delaware to surprise the Dunning family in a special Thanksgiving episode. Dale Dunning founded "Jusst Sooup" while she was in Bible College, starting off with a crock-pot and a hot plate to make soup for her classmates after theology class. Today, Dale, along with husband, Ken, and son, Brooks, wake up at 2:00 a.m. every day to provide meals at 17 soup kitchens for those in need.

The Dunnings have been living in a rental home that is basically a converted storage facility for "Jusst Sooup." They store massive amounts of food, and their small home can't contain it all. Their dream is to create the "Jusst Sooup Ranch," which would be a house the Dunnings could move into and where they could run a large-scale kitchen to feed needy families across the state. Dale envisions "Jusst Sooup Ranch" having a garden, crops and a small farm to provide food. Know anyone who can make this vision a reality?

Ty and designers Paige, Michael, Sabrina, John along with local builders Schell Brothers and community volunteers helped build the new "Jusst Sooup Ranch." Chris Schell says they'll be building a house for Dale and Ken, a home for Brooks, a garden for fresh fruits and veggies and a commercially-approved kitchen so Dale can prepare food for a lot more people.

The family heads out on a fun-filled road trip on the EM: HE bus as the build gets underway. Brent, Eric and Dan, those innovative engineers from Syyn Labs, are back to help fulfill Ty's request for something cool to help make the most of the Dunning family's new garden. They devise a bicycle-powered scarecrow sprinkler system. They even bring some children by to see if they can provide pedal power to produce enough "kid-o-watts" to power the sprinklers. These Syyn Labs guys leave nothing to chance.

To raise funds for "Jusst Sooup," Michael and Paige appear with host Meredith Vieira as contestants on the hit game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Meredith joins the celebration to surprise the Dunning family with a Millionaire check. More on that later. Additionally, celebrity chef Michael Symon from ABC's The Chew comes to the table with a "Jusst Sooup-erb" cooking session with the family in Chicago. More on that later, too.

The build is going along fine until Ty receives word that a hurricane is headed their way. They need to step things up to make sure the house can survive the storm. A mandatory evacuation forces the team to shut down the build. They cover up the place as everyone heads inland. Some areas look like a lakefront, but the sandy soil soaks in a lot of the water once the storm passes. The damage could have been much worse than it was. Michael believes they just experienced a Thanksgiving miracle.

About a mile away from the build, a house was destroyed by the storm. The homeowners have insurance for the future, but a big mess needs to be cleaned up right now. Ty sends a few volunteers over to give the family a hand. Back at the build site, things are kind of quiet. All the volunteers had scattered for safety reasons, but no storm was going to keep them from finishing what they started. Let the build continue!

The volunteers work hard and everything comes together. A giant table is set up in the middle of a cornfield so all the volunteers can share in what may be the biggest Thanksgiving meal in history! Then the family arrives home and it's time to MOVE THAT BUS!

Here's a breakdown of the new place:
• The new ranch is amazing with a long walkway surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Over a hundred solar panels have been placed on the roof to power the whole place.
• The new soup kitchen features a giant "Jusst Sooup" sign on the wall and state-of-the-art appliances everywhere else. Serving spoons are mounted on the wall to serve as hangers for aprons.
• The spacious walk-in freezer is super cool in more ways than one.
• Paige creates a wall of recipes. But these are recipes of thanks, love and appreciation that have been written to show Dale how much she is loved. It's a heartfelt piece of art.
• Sabrina holds a clothing drive and creates a space that's dedicated to giving garments to anyone in need.
• Brooks has a brand new home that has more than enough space for him to enjoy his music. There's a table that flips over to reveal a DJ control panel where Brooks can jam all day long. He even gives Johnny an instant dance lesson.
• Dale and Ken love their spacious new home that features the words "Jusst Thanks" on a piece of wall art created with vintage cooking utensils that Michael assembled.
• The master bedroom is bright and gorgeous with a new tub, shower and a TV mounted in an upper corner.
• Ty created a case the looks like a giant fairy tale book which you can open to find a mirror inside opposite some magical storybook words to show Ken that he's Dale's handsome prince.
• Ken's Diner is like a '50s flashback complete with his own private booth. Johnny built a frame to make a brand new TV look like an old one to fit with the décor. Johnny dubs his creation "Kenavision."
• The ranch's courtyard is incredible. There's an organic garden will all the veggies Dale needs to feed many, many soup lovers.
• Paige dug up four wagon wheels to help build a wonderful covered wagon for the courtyard. The white picket fence helps give the place a total farmyard feel.
• Kids pour into the courtyard to bring the scarecrow sprinklers those Syyn Labs guys created to life. It's a wet and wild good time.

Meredith Vieira reveals that Michael and Paige won $100,000 for "Jusst Soup." Chris Schell says that the community pulled together to raise another $200,000. Later, Ty surprises Dale, Ken and Brooks by bringing the rest of their family home for dinner with recipes recreated from their experience with Michael Symon. It's a day of thanks--Jusst Thanks. Welcome home, Dunning family. Welcome home.


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