Season 9
Johnson-Goslee Family
Johnson-Goslee Family
Season 9 | Episode 911 | Aired 12/08/2011

Ty and the team head to Maryland to surprise the Johnson-Goslee family. 16-year-old Wyzhir Johnson-Goslee is smart and charismatic, and dreams of becoming an interior designer and construction worker because he has a knack for design and loves working with his hands. In fact, Wyzhir dreams of fixing up not only his own home, but also has a to-do list of improvement projects he undertakes throughout his community.

After months of working diligently with his grandfather on improving areas of their family's aging home, which is in a constant state of disrepair, the teenager's coat sleeve was caught in the miter saw which severed his left hand. Doctors were unable to preserve his hand. But Wyzhir's indomitable attitude - along with the loving support of his mother, Patrice, sister Renee and aunt Sonora - helped him meet this new challenge head-on.

Wyzhir serves as a mentor through a program run by his high school. He is also passionate about the history of his town, and raising money for a local organization that is preserving an African-American school that was built in the 1800s.

The house that Wyzhir has dedicated himself to renovating has been in their family for over 80 years and is in terrible shape. So although he was doing his best to make this house a home, Wyzhir's efforts were (and still are) being expended on a structure that's falling down around him. He needs help. Well, help is on the way!

In a first on the show, Wyzhir delays his dream vacation with the rest of the family to Santa Barbara, California. He stays behind with the EM:HE team for a once-in-a-lifetime design and construction experience. He joins team leader Ty Pennington, designers Michael Moloney, Paige Hemmis, Ed Sanders and Johnny Littlefield, who, along with local builder The Fusion Companies and community volunteers, work to build a new home for the family. In addition, with his typical big-heartedness, Wyzhir enlists the group's help on several fix-it projects for the community.

Aimee Mullins won a gold medal in the Paralympic games and is also a supermodel. She teams with Johnny to create a display case where Wyzhir can put his prosthetic arms. The good times continue as Wyzhir gets to visit to the set of "We Bought a Zoo" to get the inside scoop on production design. He meets director Cameron Crowe and some of the cast. The family gets an advanced screening of the film. Wyzhir also learns he's getting a full scholarship to Salisbury University. Renee, too. Woo hoo!

Those amazing Syyn Lab guys, Brent, Eric and Dan, are back to help with Michael's request for a futuristic design studio for Wyzhir. The come up with an idea that will give Wyzhir 10,000 images on a computer that will allow him to do some virtual painting through projections on the wall, furniture and more. Now that's some modern art!

Ed visits Wyzhir's high school where his friends and teachers let him know how much he means to them. A young man Wyzhir doesn't know is presented a new prosthetic arm. This makes Wyzhir very happy as the crowd back home in his school gym goes wild. Finally, it's time to bring the family home and MOVE THAT BUS!

Here's a breakdown of the new digs:
• The new home is a vision of blue beauty with a nice paved front walkway out front and beautiful landscaping to the side.
• The spacious interior is filled with high ceilings, beautiful new furniture and lots of Wyzhir's ideas that are now a reality.
• There's wall of photos featuring the family's history.
• The uniquely-designed dining room table features seats made out of seatbelts.
• The kitchen is all in one area, unlike the old house. The island in the middle has a brand new sink which sits across from a brand new oven.
• Renee's room totally funky and retro. Paige knows that she wants to be a police officer, so she reveals the secret command center hidden inside her desk. She'll be able to monitor the entire house from her new room.
• Patrice loves the beautiful canopy above her brand new bed. There's a lovely sitting area where she can read and a huge walk-in closet.
• Patrice's bathroom has a shower, tub and nifty new chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
• Sonora loves the black walls in her room along with her new desk. The new, huge closet also blows her away. Johnny truly captured the serenity request Sonora had made to him.
• Even though he was around the designer's all week, Wyzhir is still surprised when he sees his room. He loves the unique case and dresser that was built to store his prosthetic arm.
• Wyzhir's design studio is amazing. Michael created a wall of paint swatches that climb up the ceiling for a 3D art look. The room is meant to be a launching pad for creativity.
• Brent from Syyn Labs gives Wyzhir the 411 on the virtual paint projector he can use to create his own designs anywhere he likes.

Wyzhir inspired so many people through his courage in his family and his community. The kid just never stopped smiling. That's why it was an honor for so many people to do something that made Wyzhir's smile even bigger. Welcome home, Johnson-Goslee family. Welcome home.


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