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Extreme Weight Loss is a unique and riveting, docu-series about weight loss that takes viewers on the unprecedented 365-day journeys of courageous and resilient “super obese” people. At the renowned University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, CO, Chris and Heidi, along with CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center Medical Director and CU School of Medicine Associate Professor Holly Wyatt, MD, will guide participants on their journeys to safely lose up to half their body weight, as well as the emotional baggage that often holds one back.

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season 4

    S4 E1 Ty and Charita

    A 32-year-old mother who turned to food to deal with a bad decision she once made works to get fit.

    05/27/14Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E2 Kathie and Josh

    Hosts of ``The View'' help Chris Powell transform a mother and son who have turned to food to cope.

    06/03/14Season 4PG
    S4 E3 Jayce

    A 417-pound overeating adult asks for help.

    06/17/14Season 4PG
    S4 E4 Bruce

    A man who turned to food for comfort after allegedly suffering abuse as a child.

    06/24/14Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E5 Melissa

    A mother who turned to food after her Army veteran husband committed suicide tries to lose weight.

    07/01/14Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E6 David

    A chef whose guilt led to excessive eating tries to lose weight and accomplish his goals.

    07/08/14Season 4PG
    S4 E7 Brandi

    A 29-year-old makeup artist wants to slim down to compete in a beauty pageant.

    07/15/14Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E8 Georgeanna

    A 44-year-old pastor's wife commits to losing half her body weight.

    07/22/14Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E9 Cassie

    A woman who gained nearly 200 pounds after giving up her son for adoption wants to get fit.

    07/29/14Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E10 Sara

    Sara jokes about being vertically challenged at 4 foot 5 and turns to Chris for help losing weight.

    08/12/14Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E11 Kenny & Christy

    Kenny, a former Marine weighing 410 pounds, and Christy, a 380-pound woman, turn to Chris for help.

    08/19/14Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E12 Rod

    Ron determines to lose his excess weight and audition for the Broadway musical "Chicago.''

    09/02/14Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E13 Jeff and Juliana

    A father and daughter team with a strained relationship try to lose weight.

    09/09/14Season 4TV-PG