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    Kenny & Christy
    84:36 | Aired on 08/19/2014
    Kenny, a former Marine weighing 410 pounds, and Christy, a 380-pound woman, turn to Chris for help.
  • Expires in 23 days

    84:36 | Aired on 08/12/2014
    Sara jokes about being vertically challenged at 4 foot 5 and turns to Chris for help losing weight.
  • Expires in 23 days

    84:36 | Aired on 07/29/2014
    A woman who gained nearly 200 pounds after giving up her son for adoption wants to get fit.
  • Expires in 23 days

    84:36 | Aired on 07/22/2014
    A 44-year-old pastor's wife commits to losing half her body weight.
  • Expires in 23 days

    84:36 | Aired on 07/15/2014
    A 29-year-old makeup artist wants to slim down to compete in a beauty pageant.
  • Expires in 23 days

    84:38 | Aired on 07/08/2014
    A chef whose guilt led to excessive eating tries to lose weight and accomplish his goals.
  • Expires in 23 days

    84:37 | Aired on 07/01/2014
    A mother who turned to food after her Army veteran husband committed suicide tries to lose weight.
  • Expires in 23 days

    84:36 | Aired on 06/24/2014
    A man who turned to food for comfort after allegedly suffering abuse as a child.
  • Expires in 23 days

    84:37 | Aired on 06/17/2014
    A 417-pound overeating adult asks for help.
  • Expires in 23 days

    Kathie and Josh
    84:36 | Aired on 06/03/2014
    Hosts of ``The View'' help Chris Powell transform a mother and son who have turned to food to cope.
  • Expires in 23 days

    Ty and Charita
    84:38 | Aired on 05/27/2014
    A 32-year-old mother who turned to food to deal with a bad decision she once made works to get fit.

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