Eddie Huang

Played by Hudson Yang
Character Biography

The eldest son of Louis and Jessica, Eddie is a hip-hop loving kid who often feels like the black sheep of his family. He is not thrilled about his family’s move to Orlando and wants desperately to belong. During his first day of school, he is made fun of because of his smelly Chinese food lunch. He always has a plan to get his situation to change, usually inspired by his favorite rappers. 


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Actor Biography

Hudson Yang, 11, is a newcomer to the world of television, having begun his performing career less than 18 months before being cast as “Fresh Off the Boat’s” irrepressible protagonist, Eddie. After a classmate told him about her experiences acting in a TV commercial, he begged his parents for the chance to try it for himself, finally convincing them to bring him to an open call for the movie “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete” (2013).

Despite his lack of experience, he was one of two finalists for the co-lead role of Pete, and impressed the casting director enough that she urged him to pursue acting seriously — even referring him to his current agents, Ellen Gilbert and Rachel Altman at Paradigm.

Shortly thereafter, Yang was cast as Henry in the independent feature “The Sisterhood of Night” (2014), and then tried out for FOTB, where his audition caught the eye of Eddie Huang, series producer and author of the bestselling book that inspired the show. Recently, he has made appearances on “Family Guy,” PBS’s “Cyberchase” and starred in indie rapper Jason Chu’s acclaimed music video “Marvels.”

Born and bred in Brooklyn, Yang now lives in Culver City, California. When not acting alongside the best and funniest ensemble cast in the business, Yang enjoys playing Minecraft, singing karaoke and eating shockingly large breakfasts.


HOMETOWN      Brooklyn, NY

BIRTHDATE       Oct. 24

Cast: Randall Park | Constance Wu | Hudson Yang | Forrest Wheeler | Ian Chen



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