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character jason morgan

A drunk driving accident over ten years ago changed Jason Quartermaine forever. With no memory of his family or past, Jason changed his last name and began life anew in the mob. With a quiet intensity and often intimidating manner, Jason's loyalty and love towards those he holds dear is boundless. The character of Jason is presumed to be dead, but his body was never found. In October 2014, on his way back to Port Charles, Jason was in an accident which required him to have brain surgery and facial reconstruction. Once he awoke from the surgery, Jason was left with amnesia. Consequently, Jason is not recognized by his friends or family and does not remember his identity. He now calls himself “Jake,” as he slowly tries to put together the pieces of his past. The Good Built a new life and family for himself after losing his memory in a car accident. Saved the lives of many in the Metro Court hostage crisis, particularly Liz Spencer and their unborn baby. His son, Jake. The Bad and the Ugly His illegal activities in the mob as Sonny Corinthos's main enforcer. Slept with Liz Spencer while she was still married to Lucky and fathered her child, which was then kept secret. The deaths of his sister, Emily, father, Alan and grandmother, Lila. Friends Elizabeth Webber: Ex-girlfriend Sonny Corinthos: Friend Carly Corinthos Jacks: Best friend Michael Corinthos: Nephew Love Interests Elizabeth Webber