AJ Quartermaine

played by Sean Kanan


Considered the bad boy of the "Q" family, AJ has struggled with the moniker since he was a child.  From one bad decision to the next, this son of two prominent parents, Alan and Monica, has had his fair share of trouble. He seems to scheme his way through life. Recently back in PC, AJ is doing his all to reconnect with his son Michael and establish a father/son relationship.

The Good
-Provided information on criminal Cesar Faison.
-Came out of hiding (and returned from the dead) to console Monica after his brother, Jason's death.
-Reconnected with his son Michael to make up for lost time.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Responsible for the accident that lead to his brother Jason's brain damage.
-During a confrontation with his brother, AJ shot his father, Alan.
-Tried to have his brother, Jason, killed while he was in a coma; only to be "killed" himself by the same man, Dr. Asher Thomas, he originally hired.
-Kidnapped his son Michael along with Sonny's children, Morgan and Kristina.
-Faked his son Michael's death and tried to flee the country.
-Recovering alcoholic.
-Blackmailed his Aunt Tracy to reclaim the CEO position at ELQ.

Family Ties
-Son: Michael Corinthos III
-Father: Alan Quartermaine (deceased)
-Mother: Monica Quartermaine (nee Bard)
-Brother: Jason Morgan (presumed dead)
-Adoptive Sister: Skye Chandler Quartermaine
-Adoptive Sister: Emily Bowen Quartermaine (deceased)
-Paternal Grandfather: Edward Quartermaine (deceased)
-Paternal Grandmother: Lila Quartermaine (nee Morgan, deceased)
-Paternal Aunt: Tracy Quartermaine
-Paternal Cousin: Edward "Ned" Ashton