Britt Westbourne

played by Kelly Thiebaud


Since showing up in Port Charles, Britt Westbourne has been causing nothing but trouble for those around her.  A failed relationship with her co-worker Dr. Patrick Drake, and her animosity towards nurse Sabrina Santiago, has left this doctor without many friends.  In addition to losing the man she loves to someone else, she is pregnant and claims Patrick is the father.  But with scheming parents like Dr. Liesl Obrecht and Faison, it is clear the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The Good
-There are no good deeds to report at this time.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Blackmailed Maxie Jones into sabotaging student nurse Sabrina Santiago's career.
-Stole a copy of the answer key to the nursing exam to make it look like Sabrina Santiago cheated on the test.
-Passed off her baby as Patrick's. And then Brad's.

Family Ties
-Mother: Dr. Liesl Obrecht
-Father: Caesar Fasion