Heather Webber

played by Robin Mattson
Character Biography

Is Heather a schemer, a crazy woman, or both? From her early days as a nanny in Port Charles, Heather has always been up to some nefarious plan or another. On more than one occasion, she's tried to con her way into the Quartermaine fortune -- including trying to get custody of her cousin Susan's biological son, Jason Quartermaine (now Morgan). When not looking to strike it rich, Heather has maintained a fanatical devotion to her son Franco. 

The Good
-Supporting her cousin Susan through her pregnancy.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Marrying a grieving Edward Quartermaine (and trying to kill him) for his money.
-Obsessively trying to get Luke Spencer in her clutches.

-Edward Quartermaine: Ex-husband (annulled)
-Luke Spencer: Object of her obsession
-Tracy Quartermaine: Enemy
-Carly Jacks: love interest of her son, Franco

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Actor Biography

Born in Los Angeles, Robin Mattson is a veteran of many beloved soaps. Her best known roles were as the scheming Heather Webber on General Hospital, and as the tragically (and fantastically) crazy Janet Green on All My Children.

In addition to GH and AMC, Ms. Mattson has appeared on Ryan's Hope, Guiding Light, Santa Barbara, As the World Turns, and Days of Our Lives.

When she's not acting, Ms. Mattson is an accomplished chef. She co-authored the book Soap Opera Cafe: The Skinny on Food from a Daytime Star and hosted the cooking show, The Main Ingredient.

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