Kiki Jerome

played by Kristen Alderson


A relative newcomer to Port Charles, Lauren "Kiki" Jerome has been stirring up trouble even before she arrived. She met Morgan Corinthos on-line while frequenting illegal gambling websites and when his family dragged him back home Kiki wasn’t far behind. What she never expected was to fall for his brother Michael, who she thought was her cousin. Turns out Kiki's mother Ava was keeping some deep, dark family secrets. The man she thought was her father wasn't, causing her to re-examine her understanding of family.

The Good
-Followed Morgan back to Port Charles after his family forced him to return there.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Encouraged Morgan to participate in illegal online gambling.
-Left her husband Morgan for his brother Michael Corinthos.

Family Ties
-Mother: Ava Jerome
-Father: Dr. Silas Clay