Mac Scorpio

played by John J. York


In a town run by mobsters heading up the police force is no easy task. The one thing more intimidating than gangsters? Raising a daughter who demands independence, even though the overprotective Mac is hesitant to give it.

The Good
-When Robin Scorpio's parents were presumed dead after a boat explosion, Mac raised her.
-Helped clear Felicia Jones when she was accused of the attempted murder of Ryan Chamberlain. It later turned out that Ryan was a murderer and Mac and Felicia worked together to get him convicted.
-Basically raised Maxie and Georgie Jones, Felicia's daughters by a previous marriage.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Prior to moving to Port Charles, Mac accidentally caused a plane crash that killed his parents and his brother's fiancée.
-Had a volatile relationship with his brother Robert Scorpio for many years.
-The death of his daughter, Georgie.

-Robin Scorpio-Drake, Neice
-Robert Scorpio, Brother

-Dante Falconeri: co-worker
-Maxie Jones: daughter (adoptive)

Love Interests
-Alexis Davis
-Felicia Jones


Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio on the ABC Television Network's "General Hospital"

John J. York portrays Mac Scorpio, Port Charles' police commissioner. Mac is also responsible for raising his adopted daughters, Maxie and Georgie Jones.

York, a native of Chicago's South Side, studied marketing for two years at the University of Whitewater in Wisconsin before returning to Chicago to study acting with Edward Kaye-Martin. He made his professional debut at the Wisdom Bridge Theatre, where he appeared in "Picnic," "Loss of Roses," "Career" and "Golden Boy."

He moved to Hollywood in 1983 and began appearing on such television series as "21 Jump Street," "Murder, She Wrote," "Sydney," "Family Ties," "Newhart," "Hunter" and Arthur Hailey's "Hotel." He then starred for two seasons as Eric Cord on "Werewolf," a horror-action series.

Feature film credits include roles in "Steel and Lace," "House of the Rising Sun," "The Bear" (about University of Alabama coach Bear Bryant, with Gary Busey) and "Chattanooga Choo Choo." During the filming of the latter project, York met his wife, Vicki, a casting director. They were married on August 15, 1986, and have a daughter, Schyler.

In the few leisure moments he has, York enjoys spending time with his family, riding his bike, working in the garden and playing golf.