Nathan West

played by Ryan Paevey


James Nathan Reeves arrived in Port Charles on New Year's Eve. He lived in Maxie's apartment while she was away and quickly became a detective for the PCPD. For most of his time in Port Charles he had been trying to prove that Silas Clay killed his sister Nina. Recently, he learned that Madeline Reeves did and has since made peace with Silas. He also recently found out that his real mother is Dr. Obrecht and Britt Westbourne is his sister. To top it off Maxie has returned home with her new friend Levi that makes Nathan insane. 

The Good
-He is partners with Dante Falconeri. 
-He is protecting Port Charles from crime. 

The Bad and the Ugly
-Falsely accused an innocent man of murder multiple times. 
-Is the biological son of Liesl Obrecht. 
-Almost had sex with his sister Britt. He did not know that they were related at the time. 

-Silas Clay 
-The Jerome Mob Family