Nikolas Cassadine

played by Tyler Christopher


Nikolas is the illegitimate son of Laura Spencer. Nikolas's arrival in Port Charles immediately imploded the happy life of supercouple Luke and Laura. Luke immediately despised Nikolas due to his Cassadine heritage, despite Nikolas saving an ailing Lulu's life.

The misunderstood Nikolas was forced to grow up when his paternity came into question, and he was led to believe that his uncle Stefan was his father, as opposed to the late Stavros Cassadine. Nikolas spends the majority of his life trying to get out from under his family's treachery and become his own man.

Family Ties
-Son of Laura Spencer and Stavros Cassadine
-Grandson of Helena Cassadine
-Half-brother of Lucky and Lulu Spencer
-Father of Spencer Cassadine

Love Interests
-Elizabeth Webber
-Emily Quartermaine
-Britt Westbourne

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