Shawn Butler

Sean Blakemore


A former U.S. Marine, Shawn first arrived in Port Charles to work for international crime lord "The Balkan," but after turning against his boss and agreeing to work as Carly and Josslyn's bodyguard, it seems as though Shawn is actually a well-intentioned guy – but that doesn't stop others from digging up dirt from his mysterious past.

The Good
-Helped Molly realize she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
-Hired as a bodyguard to protect Carly and Josslyn from Franco.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Came to town as one of the Balkan's henchmen.
-Shot and nearly killed on several occasions.

-Molly Lansing
-Sonny Corinthos
-TJ Ashford

Love Interests
-Jordan Ashford 

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