Jordan Ashford

played by Vinessa Antoine
Character Biography

Jordan Ashford is a hard woman to figure out. Jordan recently arrived in Port Charles to reconnect with her son T.J. It turns out that T.J. had the option of living with Shawn Butler or military school, because she could no longer handle him. Shawn later revealed that Jordan was arrested for running drugs in Maryland and spent two years in prison. He doesn't trust her as far as he can throw her.

The Good
-Loves her son T.J.
-Undercover agent for the DEA

The Bad and the Ugly
-Arrested for drug dealing in Maryland and spent two years in prison.

-Julian Jerome
-Shawn Butler

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Actor Biography

Jordan Ashford on ABC's "General Hospital"

Vinessa Antoine stars as Jordan, the long lost mother of TJ Ashford. As a newcomer to Port Charles, Jordan has a suspicious past that makes TJ's guardian, Shawn, worried about her true motives for coming to town. 

Vinessa Antoine discovered dance at age four and by 18, was accepted into the world renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Center to train in New York. In her final year at Ailey, she re-experienced her childhood passion for acting and theater, and decided to focus her studies on acting.

Her TV credits include "Haven," "Heartland," "Being Erica" and "Soul Food." She has appeared in several off-Broadway productions including her premier role in "Four," and is a member of The Echo Theater Company in Los Angeles.

Antoine currently lives in the Los Angeles area.


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