Nina Clay

played by Michelle Stafford
Character Biography

Ever since Nina Clay wheeled into Port Charles she has caused nothing but damage. In her efforts to win back Silas Clay's affections she has destroyed anything and anyone who has stood in her way. 

The Good
-Came out of a twenty year coma. 
-Nothing else comes to mind.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Pretended to be in a wheelchair to win back her ex-husband. 
-Bribed her physical therapist to lie to Silas.
-Stole Ava Jerome's newborn baby after drugging her.
-Has slapped almost everyone in Port Charles.

-Ava Jerome
-Sam Morgan
-Madeline Reeves (her mother)
-Silas Clay 
-Rosalie Martinez
-Kiki Jerome

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Actor Biography

Nina Clay on ABC's "General Hospital"

Two-time Emmy-Award winning actress Michelle Stafford recently joined the cast as the presumed dead, Nina Clay. Nina's mother, Madeline, led everyone to believe that she was dead, but she is actually alive. Now, after recently waking up from a 20 year-induced coma brought on by her mother, Nina is back to reclaim her life in Port Charles. She feels her mother betrayed her and her husband, Silas, deserted her. Will love allow Nina to forgive all or is she after payback?

A celebrated member of the soap community, Stafford recently ended her 15-year run as Phyllis Summer on "The Young and the Restless." In addition to her popular soap role, Stafford has been featured in several television series including "Pacific Palisades," "Players," "Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place," "JAG," "Diagnosis Murder," "Judging Amy," "Frazier" and "VIP." Her film credits include "Double Jeopardy," and "Attraction."

Recently, Stafford created her own lifestyle website, "Michelle Stafford – Doing it as a Single Chick," where in oft-colorful language, she pulls no punches in her blogs about the experience ranging from single parenting to being a mature, new mother. Stafford also gives single-chick straight talk on style, body image, décor and men.

Coinciding with her website, Staffords's other endeavor is the critically acclaimed "The Stafford Project," the web series she created and serves as star, writer and producer. "The Stafford Project" is an engaging and often humorous look into the life of a 40-something soap opera star who is also a new, single mother ("exaggerated elements of me," Stafford clarifies).

Besides her entertainment career, Michelle is active in philanthropic endeavors including "The Hollywood Education and Literacy Project" and the "Citizens Commission on Human Rights."

Stafford currently lives in Los Angeles with her daughter, Natalia.

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