Samantha McCall

played by Kelly Monaco
Character Biography

For most of her life, Sam was a con artist and rarely stayed in one place for long. Toughened by a difficult upbringing, she finally found a chance at love and family in Port Charles.

The Good
-Reconnected with her birth mother, Alexis Davis.
-Agreed to allow Alexis to use the stem cells of her unborn baby to save the life of Alexis's daughter Kristina.
-Warned cops of the explosion during the Metro Court hostage crisis. She was later hailed a hero by the media and became the host of television show, Everyday Heroes.

The Bad and the Ugly
-A long history of petty crimes including theft.
-Slept with her stepfather, Ric Lansing.
-Killed Diego Alcazar.

Friends & Family
-Alexis Davis: mother
-Maxie Jones: friend
-Kristina Davis: sister
-Molly Lansing: sister

Love Interests
-Jason Morgan
-Silas Clay
-Patrick Drake

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Actor Biography

Samantha McCall on the ABC Television Network's "General Hospital"

Kelly Monaco originated the highly anticipated role of Samantha McCall ("Sam") in October 2003. Rebellious yet sexy, Sam currently finds herself trying to get former fiancé Jason Morgan back into her life while still dealing with the news that her nemesis, Alexis Davis, is really her biological mother. In the category of Outstanding Lead Actress, Monaco was an Emmy nominee for this role in 2006.

Monaco's television credits include co-hosting the 33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards as they were broadcast for the first time from Hollywood. She also starred in the first season of the ABC primetime summer mega-hit, "Dancing with the Stars," where she won the dance championship. She had a three-and-a-half-year stint on the ABC Daytime drama "Port Charles," garnering her first Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress (2003). Her television debut occurred in 1997, when she landed a recurring role on "Baywatch." While shooting "Port Charles," she also guest starred opposite Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear in a season finale of ABC's "Spin City." In addition she has appeared in the feature films "Idle Hands," "Mumford" and "BASEketball."

Monaco grew up on the East Coast, where she participated in soccer, swimming, track and softball, among other sports. Her family moved from the bustling city of Philadelphia to the more peaceful environment of the Poconos. In addition to athletics, she participated intensely in speech, debate and theater in high school.

Monaco is involved in numerous children's charity events and programs for the elderly. She resides in Los Angeles.

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