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General Hospital, which celebrated its 55th anniversary on April 1, 2018, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

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June 2014

    S52 E45 Tuesday June 3, 2014

    Sonny insists that Ava prove her claim. Mind-boggling news throws Carly and Morgan for a loop. Sam learns that Rafe is in trouble. Molly has her suspicions regarding Julian. At the end of the day, Danny’s birthday party is filled with surprises.

    06/03/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E46 Wednesday June 4, 2014

    Nathan gives moral support at Maxie’s custody meeting with the judge. Levi and Mac share an overwrought exchange. Morgan is not the only one who demands that Ava come clean. After Sonny tells Carly about his predicament, he questions his next move.

    06/04/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E47 Thursday June 5, 2014

    A shocked Carly and a brazen Ava get into a fiery altercation. Sonny begs Morgan to forgive him for sleeping with Ava. Sam confides personal feelings to Alexis about her relationship. Elizabeth and Patrick discuss their families.

    06/05/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E49 Monday June 9, 2014

    Julian is torn about whether or not to stay in the mob, but Luke continues his threats. Jordan knows she must make an important decision when she receives crucial information. Sam has staggering news for Nathan. Morgan laments to Michael his situation. Sonny and Ava persistently taunt each other.

    06/09/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E50 Tuesday June 10, 2014

    Julian instructs Jordan on their next moves. Duke and Anna argue about the mob. Later in the day, both Anna and Jordan find themselves in a predicament. Ric’s supporters and detractors plot for and against him. Britt is infuriated when she sees Nikolas and Elizabeth in a tender moment.

    06/10/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E51 Wednesday June 11, 2014

    Silas must make a decision on whether or not to come clean. Anna informs Ric about some new evidence in his case. TJ finds Rafe up to no good and by the end of the day, Rafe has a horrid flashback. Over at the PCPD, shots ring out!

    06/11/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E52 Thursday June 12, 2014

    Anna quickly reacts to the gunshots and takes charge. Who could be the victim? Levi and Maxie bicker over their different philosophies of life. Sam starts to look into the cause of Sabrina and Patrick’s crash. Silas is pressed to tell the truth.

    06/12/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E53 Friday June 13, 2014

    As a result of the fatal shooting, Anna quickly reveals her new plan to bring down the mob. Meanwhile, several residents sadly mourn the victim’s death. At the hospital, Brad, Lucas and Felix find themselves caught in an awkward moment. Will Britt’s jealousy over Nikolas’s concern for Elizabeth cause her to revert back to her old ways?

    06/13/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E54 Monday June 16, 2014

    Silas shares news about Nina to Sam – which she does not take lightly. Rafe is caught in an illicit act. Sabrina welcomes a surprise visitor. Levi and Nathan get into an intense argument. Anna sticks to her cover story and warns Sonny to keep Duke out of his vendetta against the Jeromes.

    06/16/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E55 Tuesday June 17, 2014

    After discussing the state of the mob, Julian wonders aloud why Sonny feels the need to protect Ava. Meanwhile, Ava is stunned by some new knowledge. Franco moves into Carly’s, but her daughter, Josslyn, is slow to warm to him. Silas returns home and stumbles upon a chance encounter.

    06/17/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E56 Wednesday June 18, 2014

    Silas is blindsided by Sam’s actions. Per Morgan, Carly is flipped out over Sonny’s latest living arrangements. Michael announces ELQ’s latest project and at the end of the day, receives an unexpected visitor. Maxie is surprised when an unforeseen person is summoned to her custody hearing.

    06/18/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E57 Thursday June 19, 2014

    Alexis attempts to reason with Molly about her relationship with Julian.Luke puts the pressure on Julian to reclaim his enterprise, while Anna compels Jordan to speed up her plan to bring down the Jeromes. Silas is put to the test and ponders if Sam is really over Jason.

    06/19/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E58 Friday June 20, 2014

    Maxie learns the Judge’s ruling in regards to visitation rights for Georgie. Nina asks Silas a pointed question about Sam. An exhausted Lulu shares her choice with Dante. In the meantime, Anna warns Alexis to be circumspect in regards to her relationship with Julian.

    06/20/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E59 Monday June 23, 2014

    Carly warns Ava that she is watching her every move, but Ava thinks Carly just wants to be close to Sonny. Lulu is by Maxie’s side after the custody verdict. Nathan makes an accusation against Levi. On a romantic date, Silas admits he feels uncomfortable that Sam still wears her wedding ring.

    06/23/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E60 Tuesday June 24, 2014

    Maxie is angry that Nathan suspects Levi of wrongdoing. Franco is jealous over Carly’s new bond with Sonny, while Ava provokes Sonny about her unborn baby. At the end of the day, Ava invites someone to Port Charles. When Nina makes an emergency phone call to Silas, he quickly leaves his date with Sam to help her.

    06/24/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E61 Wednesday June 25, 2014

    Michael is not pleased with Sonny’s living situation. Sam tells Alexis that her date with Silas was thwarted by Nina, while Silas lets an apprehensive Nina know that he has a surprise to help her walk again. Obrecht devises a new plan for Britt to win back Nikolas.

    06/25/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E62 Thursday June 26, 2014

    Carly shares with Sonny that Franco feels threatened by their recent bond. Obrecht, a huge Francophile, has a random proposition for Franco. Alexis gives a grieving Molly a very personal letter regarding Ric. Patrick tries to remember details about the car crash. Kiki senses there is something awry with Rafe.

    06/26/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E63 Friday June 27, 2014

    After Sam and Patrick visit a car mechanic, Sam is staggered by a shocking discovery about the accident. Rafe and Molly share a tender moment. Michael, Morgan and Kiki begin to fix up and restore the Brownstone, but Levi gets in the way. Tracy continues her ploys to take over ELQ. Franco threatens Sonny.

    06/27/14Season 52TV-PG
    S52 E64 Monday June 30, 2014

    Morgan and Kiki’s brownstone project is interrupted by Maxie and Levi’s protest. A jealous Franco intends to tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Meanwhile, Sonny returns home to discover that Ava has invited her mother, Delia, to stay at his house. Sam and Patrick discover the owner of the car that allegedly caused the accident.

    06/30/14Season 52TV-PG