S51 E87 Monday, Dec. 30, 2013

12/30/13 | TV-PG | CC

As Port Charles prepares to ring in the New Year, all Patrick wants is to move forward.  Sabrina reacts to Felix’s hypothesis that her nausea could be a symptom of pregnancy, and she takes a pregnancy test. Maxie goes to see Lulu to inform her she’s leaving town to find herself, and an emotional tete-a-tete ensues about the baby. Will Lulu ever forgive Maxie? Lulu informs Maxie of the mix-up with the embryos. Maxie receives a visit from a mysterious — and very handsome — stranger.  Britt, with baby Ben in tow, informs an appreciative Dante that Lulu is meeting her at the hospital to start the in vitro process.  Dante knows it is their last chance to have a baby. Will Britt come clean with Dante? Britt runs an ultrasound on Lulu to determine the viability of her eggs but there appears to be a problem. Just as Silas is about to tell Sam about the calls from the NYPD detective, an irate Monica tells them she received a letter from the hospital board that they’re looking for her replacement as Chief of Staff — and guess who’s name is at the top of the list? It’s Silas, who assures Monica he didn’t know anything about this development but is silently buoyed by this new job prospect. Monica asks Silas to take his name out of contention. Sam asks Silas what he wanted to tell her — so will Silas finally fess up to his mysterious past? Silas tells Sam he is happy to be spending New Year’s Eve with her.

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