S51 E90 Monday, Jan. 6, 2014

01/06/14 | TV-PG | CC

While Franco waits for Carly, Michael, and Kiki for a lunch date, he has a frightening experience when Heather is the one to show up! How can this be? Franco's hallucination disappears when he realizes it's actually Olivia, and he is less than thrilled when she tears into him. Olivia lets him know that Carly may believe he's changed, but she doesn't. After all, Heather's other son, Steve Webber, killed someone. Maybe it’s genetic. Carly continues to defend and assure Franco. A fierce argument between Ava and Carly turns into a threatening situation.

Morgan, upset by having shot Max, begs Julian to let him out of the Jerome business. But Julian lets him know that it doesn't work that way. Julian warns Morgan someone could get hurt if he reveals the crime syndicate's business. That someone could be Morgan, his mother, brother, father or even Ava! In the midst of Morgan's desperate plea to Julian, Ava shows up. Morgan quickly changes his story and tells Ava he was just renewing his promise to Julian to be loyal to the Jeromes.

Sonny's disappointments build when TJ that Morgan went to Molly to manipulate information about Carlos. What if the police find out that TJ witnessed the warehouse shoot-out? Over TJ's protests, Sonny urges Shawn to get him out of town. TJ is ready to say goodbye to Molly. A concerned Molly doesn't think Rafe will ever be able to accept that she is with TJ again. Molly is forced to tell Sam what she and TJ were discussing at Kelly’s, but she is saved by an phone call from TJ. Rafe tells all to Anna that TJ was at the warehouse and witnessed everything. The damage done, Rafe confesses to Silas and worries if he went revealed too much. Sam tells Molly that she trusts Silas.

Nathan questions Silas, who clams up and tells him to talk to his lawyer. Nathan then shows up at Sam's door. Sam is shocked when Nathan says he's there to talk about Silas Clay’s wife!

Meanwhile, Carly gets into an elevator, where a blood-thirsty Heather is secretly waiting.

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