S51 E92 Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014

01/08/14 | TV-PG | CC

Heather holds Carly at gunpoint, forcing her to pack a bag and make it look like she is leaving town (and Franco) forever. In her own mind, she’s justified – after all, she's a devoted mother bent on getting rid of her son's love interest. A saddened Franco takes a stand and goes to Carly’s house to patch up after their recent squabble. No one appears to be home, but inside Heather is holding Carly captive.

Silas reveals his dark past to a shocked Sam. He is, in fact, married, but from Silas’s perspective, his wife died a long time ago. A failed suicide attempt has left her in a coma for over twenty years. Her family has refused to take her off the machines or let Silas see her.  But the overly ambitious Detective Nathan West thinks that's a lie and tells Dante he believes Silas tried to kill his wife.

Morgan reluctantly becomes a mole for Julian in Sonny’s organization. How far will Morgan go to protect his family?

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