S51 E94 Friday, Jan. 10, 2014

01/10/14 | TV-PG | CC

Heather puts her master plan of framing Franco for Carly’s kidnapping into action. She delivers Carly's forced goodbye letter to Franco's, determined to get rid of Carly once and for all.

Franco is confronted by Michael and swears he hasn't seen Carly. Kiki and Franco remember Ava once threatened Carly. When they find Ava at the Metro Court, Franco confronts her. Franco goes home and finds an alarming clue about Carly's whereabouts.

Patrick and Robin are stunned to hear about Sabrina's pregnancy. Patrick reassures Robin that it won’t come between them. Patrick confronts Sabrina about her being pregnancy. Sabrina doesn’t want Patrick to know she's pregnant, because she doesn't want to trap him like Britt did. Carlos asks Sabrina to return to Puerto Rico with him to raise the baby.

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