S51 E95 Monday, Jan. 13, 2014

01/13/14 | TV-PG | CC

Heather is on the verge of stabbing Carly when Carly makes a desperate plea, appealing to Heather mother-to-mother. Heather reconsiders for a fleeting, empathetic moment, before recalling how her children have turned on her…specifically Franco. It's payback time. Carly tussles with the knife-wielding Heather and blood is shed - but whose? Heather continues her master plan of framing Franco, smearing blood on Carly’s car and leaving it in the Metro Court parking garage. Will her plan fool the PCPD detectives?

Silas confronts Nathan about his harassment of Sam, but Nathan uses the opportunity to question Silas his comatose wife. Then damaging evidence surfaces: a prescription in Silas’s name for antidepressants, dated the day Silas's wife went into a coma.

Julian who denies hurting Carly, but tells Morgan he'll make good on his threat if Morgan attempts to tell Sonny the truth. Morgan assures Julian he humiliated Ava in order to convince Sonny he’s still on his side. But that progress is almost undone when Michael and Dante, also searching for Carly, happen upon Morgan and Julian. Michael, Dante, and Morgan notice Carly’s blood-smeared car in the hotel garage. What will Dante find when he opens the trunk?

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